Restoring or modifying any classic vehicle is a lengthy and expensive process, so it's our desire that we work with you to ensure you understand the commitment in both time and money. The build process is usually never linear, with challenges and changes along the way. Even the same year and model classic can be a completely different build experience! Estimates of any project can be given within a general ballpark and are subject to change.

  • Roadster Shop

    We are a dealer for Roadster Shop! Contact us for more information to upgrade your classic and add thousands in both value and quality!


We ensure our swaps for your classic is thriving through our most important objective - reliability. We use quality components, including ARP, AC Delco, Dakota Digital, Vibrant Performance Plumbing, Holley, Aeromotive, and many more to make sure you are 100% satisfied, not only with our work but with the confidence in driving your classic car.

  • Standard LS/LT Swap


    Includes removal of current engine and transmission, installing new combination, wiring for the gauges and swap, running new power steering, fuel, cooling and transmission lines. An all around full service to have a running and driving vehicle. *Pricing is labor only

  • Supercharged Swap


    Includes Standard Swap service, as well as installing the provisions for boost, including heat exchanger & lines, larger fuel system, and expertly routing all elements together. *Pricing is labor only

  • Coyote and Gen 4 Hemi Swap


    Includes Standard LS Swap service. *Pricing is labor only

  • Nu-Relics Power Window Install

    Remove both doors and make modifications to the body for power window conduit to be ran through. Reinstall and gap both doors, install complete power window kit including window tracks and regulators.

  • Vintage Air AC Install

    Install Vintage Air A/C condenser and evaporator kit, run lines through the firewall, cut and crimp all high pressure fittings, plumb the system, and wire into the body harness.

  • Dakota Digital Gauge Install

    Complete install of VHX or RTX gauges, and wire into the body harness.

  • Holley Sniper Install

    Remove exisiting carb and linkage. Install clean carb mounting surface and install new gasket and Sniper Kit. Mount wiring harness and wire into body harness. Remove gas tank and weld -6 bung and install. Route feed and return fuel lines, install of fuel filters.

  • Custom Fabrication


    Freehand plasma cutting, MIG welding steel, TIG welding stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum. Projects vary in supplies ie. bottle refills, flap discs, cut off wheels, TIG rod, plasma/welding tips. Supply and material cost is additional.

  • Oil Change


    Mobil One oil change with AC Delco filter. Inspection of greaseable joints and nut/bolt check

  • Mechanical/Fabrication


  • Parts & Material Drive Time